Video Series: Behind the Curtain: Gordon Beck

Video Series

We are thrilled to launch a new video series in partnership with our friends at, “Behind the Curtain.” The objective of the series is to engage in discussions with leaders of the accounts receivable management industry to learn more about their origin story, their view of the industry today, and their vision for how the industry is going to change in the future.

The first executive to participate in the series is Gordon Beck, the president and chief operating officer of Valor Intelligent Processing in Jacksonville, Florida. Gordon is a well-known figure across the ARM industry and is considered to be one of the industry’s best motivational speakers as well as a thought leader.

A new Behind the Curtain will be published every two weeks. If you know someone who would make for a good candidate, please email Mike.

Each video is broken down into six parts, to make it easier to watch. Enjoy!

Episode One: Parts 1 – 6

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