Finalis Securities Partnership

As registered representatives under Finalis Securities, LLC, this partnership equips us with the following competitive advantages to deliver superior outcomes for our clients:

Streamlined Deal Execution:

As registered representatives of Finalis Securities, we ensure efficient and compliant deal closure, providing a smooth experience for sellers.

Regulatory Acumen:

Our partnership grants us access to top-tier regulatory expertise, safeguarding your transaction against compliance risks.

Broadened Access:
Finalis Securities expands our reach in the buyer market, enhancing opportunities for optimal deal terms.

Dedicated Support:
Benefit from a dedicated team at Finalis focused on the administrative and regulatory aspects of your transaction.

Increased Credibility:
Our association with a recognized broker-dealer instills confidence among potential buyers, increasing the attractiveness of your offering.

Focus on Maximizing Value:
With the technicalities handled by Finalis, we focus on strategic negotiation to maximize your sale value.

Finalis Securities Partnership | Corporate Advisory Solutions

The Value of The Finalis Banking Platform:

  • Network of 225+ boutique investment banks and placement firms totaling 400+ bankers.
  • Currently over 1,500 active mandated deals and $50B+ in transactions volume.
  • Closed $4B+ transactions in the last 2 years and are growing rapidly.

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