Corporate Advisory Solutions has partnered with Affinity, the leading relationship intelligence platform, to leverage the power of its relationships for increased sales and stronger client relationships. Affinity replaces Salesforce as Corporate Advisory Solutions’ de facto Customer Relationship Management platform. Replacing Salesforce, Affinity brings unparalleled insights and ease-of-use to help close more deals and strengthen client relationships.

“The partnership with Affinity was a natural fit for us,” said Michael Lamm, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CAS. “Affinity’s people first, tech-forward approach aligns with our own commitment to providing our clients with the best M&A and business strategies to suit their unique needs and long-term vision.”

With Affinity, CAS will have immediate and robust access to institutional knowledge previously locked behind communication silos. Where outmoded customer relationship management systems put up barriers between clients and associates, Affinity opens access to connections that already exist and lays the foundation for new opportunities. With Affinity, CAS will be able to:

  • Source better introductions: Affinity’s relationship intelligence platform helps light the path to a warm introduction by identifying the best contact within a person’s network to make a referral
  • Save time: Affinity eliminates the need for data entry and can give back as many as 188 hours to each person on their team
  • Strengthen existing relationships: Smart triggers and reminders encourage users to reconnect with members of their network
  • Track relationship history: Automatically and retroactively surface every interaction your team has had and retain valuable data even if there’s a departure.

“We’re excited to help CAS grow their business by leveraging the full power of the relationships they’ve already created,” said Ray Zhou, CEO of Affinity. “Affinity’s platform will let them identify opportunities for warm introductions and discover sources for new deals that may not have been realized with traditional CRM tools.”

Learn more about the CAS team here.

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