Corporate Advisory Solutions, LLC Deal Closing Announcement


Corporate Advisory Solutions (“CAS”) is pleased to announce a landmark transaction in the commercial collections industry. CAS served as the exclusive strategic M&A advisor to Altus Global Trade Solutions (“Altus”) in its acquisition by NewSpring Capital, Evergreen Industries, and Spring Capital Partners. This transaction deepens CAS’ position as a leading provider of M&A advisory services in the outsourced business services and accounts receivable management space.

“With its new financial partners, Altus is poised to achieve significant growth over the next several years by leveraging its robust, highly compliant servicing platform to satisfy the growing needs of its client base and affiliate network. I am delighted that CAS had an opportunity to be involved in this transaction and utilize our network of buyers and extensive M&A experience to produce a winning solution for our client,” said Mark Russell, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CAS.

The Altus transaction has a significant impact on the commercial collections market, as the transaction marks the first time since the financial crisis that private equity has invested into a commercial collections firm. The acquisition displays a positive outlook and renewed investor interest in the commercial collections space. CAS believes that the commercial collections market will continue to see interest as the nature of the market creates a number of growth opportunities for investors.

If you are interested in learning more about the transaction or about any of our other service offerings, please contact a member of our firm:

[table td1=”Michael Lamm” td2=”Mark Russell” td3=”Mars Shah” td4=”Nick Ciabattone”] [td1] Managing Partner
215-717-8719[/td1] [td2] Managing Partner
240-235-6009 [/td2] [td3] Analyst
215-437-0218 [/td3] [td4] Jr. Analyst

Corporate Advisory Solutions is a boutique investment bank based in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., specializing in M&A advisory for the Outsourced Business Services (OBS) sector; our core markets include Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). The CAS team brings over 25 years of combined M&A transaction and strategic advisory experience to every engagement, and the members have successfully completed more than 100 deals representing more than $2 billion in deal value within these core markets.

Securities conducted through StillPoint Capital Member FINRA/SiPC, Tampa, FL


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