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As the uncertainty attributable to the Coronavirus leads the economy into a recession, Corporate Advisory Solutions (CAS) has a significant amount of experience handling “special situations” for constituents of the Tech-Enabled Outsourced Business Services (OBS) sector.

CAS has the experience to handle special situations, having successfully navigated multiple market shifts in the OBS sector. We will serve as a thoughtful, strategic, value-add partner, whether it is to quickly find a suitable acquisition or lending partner in these turbulent times or acting as an operational advisor to help navigate the current “remote” infrastructure your company is putting in place.

We are prepared to provide expert guidance and strategic M&A advisory services regarding the following:

  • Establish remote telephony plans and collaboration tools for your call center staff as governmental agencies issue evolving “Shelter in Place” guidance
  • Access to lenders and capital sources
  • M&A Advisory (buy-side/sell-side minority or control transactions)
  • Joint venture, partnership and subcontracting arrangements
  • Strategic planning to manage through the COVID-19 crisis
  • Comprehensive business assessments to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on your company’s fair market value, including how this may impact your timeline for pursuing a future exit
  • Market intelligence/strategic advisory around asset class diversification
  • Technology and compliance audits in wake of new “work from home” environment

With more than 40 years combined experience providing strategic advisory and merchant banking services to constituents of the OBS, we are available to discuss any unique challenges your Tech-Enabled OBS company is facing during this unprecedented time.

Please feel free to reach out to Managing Partners Michael Lamm at 202.904.7192 or Mark Russell at 301.404.5757 to discuss your unique business needs during this crisis.

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