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M&A Exit Prep is Essential for Your Business

Growing and managing your business has been an incredibly rewarding experience – your exit should be equally the same. After years of business success and pride in what you’ve built, you may be ready to pass the reigns to someone else. It’s essential to have an exit strategy in place for when you retire or if you want to pursue another project.

With CAS’ M&A Exit Prep Services, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward when it comes time to pursue your exit strategy.

Our M&A Exit Prep Services help owners and executives of outsourced tech-enabled business services companies to prepare for a sale. We have completed over 125 M&A engagements over the past 20 years, and we can attest to the fact that companies that had prepared in advance for a sales process typically had more efficient time to close, as well as a higher enterprise valuation than those that didn’t take the necessary steps. As a result, we have developed an “exit” workflow process to assist company owners and/or the management team to get ready in advance of the transaction.

The process may include but is not limited to:

Market Valuation Assessment

Perform an initial market valuation assessment that contains an estimated enterprise value range.

Interested Buyers

Research the types of buyers who would be interested in your business (domestic and international).

Key-Value Drivers & Detractors

Identify key-value drivers/detractors and recommendations on how to resolve them prior to starting a sale process.

General Market Trend Analysis

Complete a general market trend analysis that specifically addresses the timing of a sale.

Technology Review & Research

Perform technology review and research of any technology that the company has begun or has already commercialized and how best to position as part of, or separate from, the sale.

Market Intelligence

Research and provide market intelligence on growth opportunities that may exist within the business.

Due Diligence

Create due diligence data room template and file layout structure and nomenclature.

Identification of Key Executives

Identify key executives to fill gaps in the management team, if applicable.

Compliance Assessment

Perform an assessment of any compliance-related issues that will impact the sale of the business.

Virtual Data Room

Access to a virtual room data via Firmex, which our deal team would manage for you.

Financial & Operational Information

Review of quarterly financial and operational information.

Business Network Access

Access to a network of transaction and compliance attorneys, wealth managers, accountants, and tax and insurance advisors.

Contact us today to confidentially discuss your needs and how CAS can help you. You are under no obligation to utilize CAS to sell your business by signing up for this service.

Not sure if selling your business is the right move? We offer a complimentary Exit Prep Preview that gives you a 1,000 foot view of where your business stands today, providing the tools and insights you need to make informed decisions for you and your business, tomorrow. Learn more about this free service, here.