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Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (215) 717-8719

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Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone: (240) 235-6009

Our Approach/Sector Approach

  • Corporate Advisory Solutions (CAS) is a merchant bank (Securities conducted through StillPoint Capital Member FINRA/SiPC) dedicated to partnering with clients to maximize shareholder value through a suite of transaction advisory and strategic advisory services.
  • As a merchant bank, we can act as a traditional investment banking firm on behalf of our clients or serve as a long-term strategic partner and assist in developing and implementing growth and exit objectives.
  • Our core clientele is based in the outsourced business services (OBS) sector, most notably within the accounts receivable management (ARM), customer relationship management (CRM) and healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) industries.
  • Our typical client is based in North America and generates between $10 million and $200 million of revenues.

We currently generate the vast majority of our revenue from the ARM industry, predominantly from M&A sell-side advisory services.

  • During our tenure in the OBS sector, we have completed over 100 M&A engagements.
  • We focus 100% of our time in the OBS industry, which consists of the following: Accounts Receivable Management / Customer Relationship Management / Revenue Cycle Management / Direct Marketing/Market Research / Direct Mailing / Debt Purchasing / Staffing
  • While we have represented clients all over the world, over 95% of our engagements involve North American based companies.
  • M&A Advisory – We manage both sell-side and buy-side representations, although a predominant portion of our work is on the sell-side.
  • Capital Raising – We have an extensive network of lenders (senior and mezzanine), and equity providers interested in opportunities within the OBS sector.
  • Valuations/Fairness Opinions – We help to validate a client’s understanding of fair market value for companies and portfolios of consumer debt in today’s market.
  • Specialty Finance – We assist clients with acquiring and divesting delinquent/rehabilitated consumer account portfolios and financing specific projects/engagements.
  • Comprehensive Business Assessment – We provide clients with a perspective on what aspects of their businesses drive and detract value; for certain needs we will partner with other industry experts.
  • Financial Performance Reviews – We help our clients develop a contribution margin analysis, which determines where the profitability by client, location and/or service offering.
  • Regulatory Compliance – We assist members of the Debt Buyers Association (DBA) to establish or update their compliance management systems, as well as ARM companies preparing for their Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) audit.
  • Market Research – We gather proprietary market intelligence to help clients assess their market performance, consider new growth opportunities, and pursue new business opportunities.