CAS Managing Partner, Michael Lamm, Featured in Webinar on Valuation of Collection Agencies!


“The shifting political landscape will likely have a positive effect on the valuation of collection agencies, hopefully easing the burden that has increased expenses and making smaller agencies less interested in getting out of the business”, said Michael Lamm, managing partner of Corporate Advisory Solutions, during a webinar held earlier this month.

The webinar aimed to help executives better understand the economic, political, and regulatory undercurrents that will affect the valuation of collection agencies. “The barriers to entry to starting a new collection agency continue to increase, making it less likely that new companies will come into the market”, Lamm said. :The best opportunity to get into the collection space is by purchasing an existing business”. Read Full Article here.

To download a recording of the webinar, please click here. To request a copy of the presentation, please click here. Contact Nick Ciabattone at CAS to request a copy of the presentation.

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